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If you are shopping for your baby, or soon to have a baby shower then a wish list is the perfect option for you.
You can choose a number of items that you think you may want or need for your baby and keep that list saved on our secure servers. As and when you decide to buy an item you can just purchase it straight off the list. Kind of like a grocery shopping list.

You can even share that list with friends and family (for a baby shower for example). They will know exactly what you want to buy and can purchase the items that you really want or need. As soon as an item is purchased it will no longer appear on the wish-list avoiding double up’s. Never has shopping for a baby shower been so easy.

Starting a Wish-List

First you must become a member; this will give you a user name and a password for our system to remember your details, and your list.

Then log-in with your details and start viewing the product pages. Once you open an individual product page, you will see the 'Add to Shopping List' at the top of each page. Click this link to add to your list.

Continue to browse and add as many items as you like to your list.

What should I put on my Wish-List

If you are unsure of what you may need then we have prepared a baby necessities page for you to view and use as a reference. We have been purposely restrained and have only put down what we consider the absolute minimum for first time mums; you may find you need more of a particular item.

If you are setting up wish-list for others to view we recommend a wide range of products, some family members or close friends may be prepared to spend more than casual friends. Often friends will be more inclined to purchase ‘treat’ types of gifts such as merino where you may not be as inclined to buy for yourself. If you want it, it doesn’t hurt to place it on the list, you just never know.

If you are already a member you can start you wish list now, by following this link

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