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Babesafe Safety Mattress Cover - Large Innersprung

Babesafe Safety Mattress Cover - Large Innersprung
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Babesafe Safety Mattress Cover

The BabeSafe range of safety mattress covers protects babies against exposure to toxic gases generated from the elements phosphorus, arsenic and antimony.  Compounds of these elements are frequently present in mattresses. Babesafe Safety Mattress Cover complies with the limit specification set by Dr TJ Sprott for the elements Phosphorus, Arsenic and Antimony. This Mattress cover is size F to fit a large innerspring (1310 x 670 x 180mm)


  • Start date of publicity promoting mattress-wrapping in New Zealand: 1995
  • Number of babies who have slept on wrapped mattresses since (to 2008): At least 180,000
  • Reported cot deaths among those babies: None
  • Cot deaths on unwrapped mattresses (or parallel bedding situations) during the same period: About 920
  • Reduction in New Zealand cot death rate since mattress-wrapping commenced: 60%
  • Approximate reduction in NZ European ethnic rate: 71%

Common Questions in Relations to Mattress Wrapping:

What is Cot Death?
  • Cot death (SIDS) is the most common cause of infant death in many western countries. In most cases the baby has been put down to sleep in his or her cot (crib) and later found lifeless, with no sign of illness or physical struggle.
What is the cause of Cot Death?
  • Cot death is caused by highly toxic nerve gases which can be generated from mattresses and other bedding used in babies' cots (and other sleeping environments). The gases are generated by action of common household fungi on compounds of phosphorus, arsenic and antimony present in the mattress or bedding.
What bedding do I use on top of the BabeSafe - wrapped mattress?
  • 1.  On top of the wrapped mattress place a pure cotton flat blanket.
  • 2.  On top of the pure cotton blanket, place a pure cotton lower sheet and a pure cotton upper sheet. (The baby sleeps between these sheets.)
  • 3.  On top of the upper sheet, place pure cotton or pure wool flat blanket/s.
Can a BabeSafe cover on the cot mattress cause my baby to overheat? 
  • No. As a matter of thermodynamics, the layer of polythene on a BabeSafe-wrapped mattress is so thin in relation to the thickness of the mattress that it has no measurable effect on the rate of heat transfer from the baby to the mattress itself.
Will a BabeSafe cover on the cot mattress cause my baby to sweat? 
  • No. If sweating occurs on a BabeSafe-wrapped mattress, it is caused by too much bedding on top of the baby, or overdressing the baby for sleep, or overheating the baby's room. Reduce the baby's bedding and clothing, and (if possible) reduce the air temperature in the baby's room.
Can a BabeSafe cover on the cot mattress cause my baby to suffocate?
  • No. The plastic used in BabeSafe covers is polythene with a nominal thickness of 125 microns. It is not physically possible for suffocation to occur on this plastic. This plastic is so thick and strong than an adult cannot tear it.
My cot mattress is an 'organic' mattress.  Do I need to wrap it in a BabeSafe cover?
  • Under the Cot Life 2000 protocol an 'organic' mattress must be wrapped in a BabeSafe cover. The description 'organic' as applied to mattresses or manufacturing processes does not guarantee that the original mattress components are free of naturally occurring (i.e. inherent) chemicals capable of gas generation.
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